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Sunday, July 31, 2011


Don't you just love people like this? We make money from YouTube for ads on our videos. So even if a video is hated, it earns us money, our fans (if they see it) know we do better work, and new people who see it either won't like or hate it and move on, like it and potentially subscribe, or they won't subscribe. If a non-subscriber doesn't subscribe, what have we lost?

I've dealt with people like this guy before, they usually get tired of talking out of their ass and move on with their lives, hating on new people, or one day I simply delete the notice that they commented and move on and they don't respond back. So you really look dumb when you tell someone, who has dealt with far worse people, to shut up, delete the video, and then they will shut up.

Keep in mind, all the while, I have a block button, which I don't use because haters are pathetic and help us earn money. Something gets lost in translation when I say we don't care about haters because they earn us money and it gets turned into "we're in this only for the money," which isn't true as fans know we talk to them and are glad they watch us. I'm simply not going to waste my time worrying about all the people who don't like us. 1 fan is worth all the haters we get and then some, and we have 2,415 subscribers ATM, so it's a small price to pay for the loudmouth who talks like on idiot who thinks their opinions matter so much to enertain people who like us.

Also, the bit about us being emo is pathetic too as none of us are. Zeke wears black a lot, oh Jeebuz, but he is a far cry away from being emo....damn that was a pathetic pun I didn't mean to make. XD

Ah well, if you want to watch the video getting all this hate you can. See for yourself if you can tell I'm not being serious in this video. It's only 28 seconds lone so don't worry.

I guess there's no pleasing some people, but they still need to...

Saturday, July 30, 2011

50 Reasons to Not Become a Vegan or Vegetarian

This is in response to this video about why you should be a vegetarian (although its more trying to get you to go vegan). A bit dated since I've been holding on to it for so long, but I tried to update it. Not my best arguments though.

1.       Because you can still eat a vegetarian diet and have a heart attack (heart disease begins in childhood).

2.       A vegetarian diet doesn’t reverse heart disease, the typical diet has less fat in it and thus it reduces your chance, however you can do this on a omnivore diet.

3.       Eating meat and dairy (wasn’t this a reason to be a vegetarian? They eat dairy still) makes you fat only if eating incorrectly. If it really made you fat, everyone would be fat. Michal Phelps isn’t fat.

4.       You shouldn’t have to scare your kids into eating a diet that can be harmful and has be a cause of death for other kids.

5.       There is fecal matter in chicken packages, however there is also fecal matter in the air, along with substances much worse.

6.       Meat is not filthy, it’s just a place where microorganisms can grow, and this is why we cook it. This also makes it easier to chew, digest, and adds to the taste, the same is true for veggies.

7.       Because nature and life isn’t fair. Nature, Evolution, or God made humans omnivores. Who are we to say it’s not right to eat meat?

8.       No living creature, besides humans, has a problem with their diet.

9.       Plants and their products can contain carcinogens, cyanide, the chemicals, poop, or dead animal bodies used to grow them, and have been known to absorb radioactive isotopes which have killed humans when the animals were not radiated at all.

10.   Because worrying if you will get Mad cow disease is like worrying you will get cancer

11.   Vegetarianism and veganism both lead to the death of animals while protecting crops from insects and by harvesting the crops. Many non-food products are also used with animal by-products.

12.   We use all parts of animals to create other things, so you can’t be a vegan and still read this.

13.   Because no one should have the job of lying to people by manipulating the facts, and to some people, a job in a slaughterhouse is more important then what it involves.  Would you let your family starve or lose their home because you didn’t want to take a job?  

14.   Because it takes small minded people to neglect animals, harm animals, and ignore animals, just so they can make a video to get people to change their diet. It takes a deceitful person to film only the worst of the worst.

15.   Because animals should only be killed for survival…even if you are an omnivorous animal with plenty of plant food you can eat or a carnivore who eats more then they need (In laymen’s terms, it’s only wrong for humans in the eyes of many vegs, even though the reasons they give to allow it for animals can be used by most humans too).

16.   Because feeding animals grain causing animals pain is a reason to stop feeding them grain, not to stop eating animals.

17.   The water on the planet has remained more or less the same. It is recycled

18.   Sustainability is about balance, not about excluding one thing from your life and saying you are saving the planet.

19.   No animal is defenseless. Just because an animal like a human is able to kill them does not make them defenseless and it does not make the human wrong. If you think that, then a wolf is wrong too.

20.   Many animals cannot scream, do these animals not feel pain? Plants have been known to grow shorter because of touch. Just because you cannot hear a scream, doesn’t mean something doesn’t “feel” in its own way.  Although plants likely can’t feel pain, they are still able to detect stimuli, if not then they couldn’t heal, use vines, or catch food in active carnivorous plants.

21.   Humans are the only animals that will take their own lives. If an animal does not wanting to die holds so much weight, then why allow natural predators to live?

22.   Meat is meat, its animal flesh. Most people know where meat comes from. You should not have to change your ways because someone has a problem with that and thinks you should be like them.

23.   Because the cause of animal suffering is capitalism and greed, and the cure to animal suffering is to buy products the help fuel capitalism and greed.

24.   Because just because videos exist of animals in cages or cramped pens, doesn’t mean every animal is.

25.   Because not eating meat, doesn’t make you any less responsible for pointless deaths. At least omnivores gain from eating meat.

26.   Because if a vegetarian can be called a horrible person by a vegan, and if a vegan can be called a horrible person by a frutarian, then any of them calling you a horrible person because you eat meat makes no sense when there is always someone who will judge them and you.

27.   Because eating meat isn’t wrong or immoral. Just because some people don’t like it doesn’t make something wrong, bad, or evil. If this was true then your favorite music,  book, TV show, race, sex, creed, or religion would be viewed in the same light.

28.   Because they complain about the rights of animals while there is likely a human worker picking their food for (or below) minimum wage.

29.   Because when pushed, most vegs will put humans above animals. They rest have no right putting themselves (or their finances) above animals.

30.   Because a diet is a choice. You can say it is a choice and then demand people make the “right one”

31.   Because just because people disagree on an issue that is no reason to harass, ridicule, threaten, injure, or murder someone. And groups like PETA who support this are wrong.

32.   Because any healthy balanced diet….is a healthy balanced diet.

33.   Because famous people being a veg, isn’t a reason for you to be…and Einstein was a vegetarian during the last year of his life.

34.   Because many people who think their meatless diets are worth harming themselves for.

35.   Because when the same tactics are used against them, many extreme pro-veg and animal rights activists act the same way that an omnivore does in jest, however they are serious.

36.   Because killing, doesn’t equal murder.

37.   Because humans shouldn’t eat animals, even if they raise them humanly, because they will be caused pain, then why should humans, who can suffer more, continue to survive as a species?

38.   Because the videos you see are not always the industry standards…or even due to the industry

39.   Because using “you will be unhealthy” and “you only look healthy” as arguments can be applied to them and are weak arguments.

40.   Because you are sacrificing more as a veg in order to feel normal, when you could sacrifice less and still care about animals as a moral omnivore.

41.   Because comparing eating meat to racism, murder, assassination, the holocaust, and slavery….is not an actual comparison.

42.   Because humans evolved (or were designed) to use our brains and do not need large teeth and claws (we also evolved from herbivores).

43.   Because the nutrients in meat can only be found in a veg diet by eating a wide range of plants (and likely taking vitamins).

44.   Because if we were made to eat plants, then why were some ex-vegans unable to stay healthy on a vegan diet when they ate all the right foods?

45.   Because all videos using the death of animals to get you to not eat meat are made to do just that.

46.   Because no society is 100% vegetarian, let along vegan.

47.   Because the best argument against eating meat can be beating with, “I understand what you are trying to say and do, but I’m still going to eat meat.”

48.   Because if humans over the history of our species have not converted to cannibalism then we never will.

49.   Because if animals not having morals against eating meat is a reason why they can eat meat, then so can humans who don’t have morals against eating other animals, and in the end, you can’t argue morals decisively.

50.   Because even plants eat animals.

~Feel free to comment about how wrong you think I am. I'm sure if you act like a hateful person, legions of people will stop eating meat.

A Simple Question.

The problem with arguments, is that your arguments can easily be used against you. This image was found at letthemeatmeat.com