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Saturday, October 22, 2011

A Summary Of Paranormal Activity 3

Bang, smash, awkward sex tape, earthquake, dust, boom, video tape EVERYTHING!, friend supports you, look! Imma ghost, NO BITCH! I'M A GHOST! See? I can disappear, Move bitch! Get Out the way, Ha ha! I blow on you!, minus one baby sitter, Go away Toby, you're sick now, bloody marry, I CUT YOU!, earthquake, table bitch slap, shadow, minus one friend, Hey I'm standing heer! Just because you can't see me doesn't mean you can just run into supernatural entities you know, pulling you up by the hair, I don't believe you and all your video evidence, I'm the wind now, bad touch, bed bitch slap, just ignore him, NOPE!, ITS RAPPING TIME!, leave her alone Toby, WHY THE FUCK CAN'T ANYONE HEAR THIS!?!?!?!?!?, I made your dining room set disappear, now I'm giving it back to you, to Grandmother's house we go, shadow, shadow, disappearing shadow, Grandma is a cultist, creepy old ladies, oh hi...here's your dead wife...you can have her back, crying little girl, SURPRISE BITCH SLAP FROM THE LITTLE POSSESSED GIRL, broken leg, creepy grandma, do you like yoga?, broken back, guess you should have stretched first, one big happy family, come on Toby, growl, now about that son you promised me....fade to black, and no special at the end so you might as well leave the theater now.

But the scariest part was Teddy Ruxpin!  O_O  This guy knows what I'm talking about.

But seriously it was a good movie. 2 = meh, 1 = cool, 3 = I was one only one in the theater NOT covering up my eyes or hiding in some way...though I laugh at some of the "scary" parts.

Now back to our campus that is supposedly haunted....o_0

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Why Omnivores Are Defensive

A relatively common flaw in the mindset of many vegans and vegetarians is that if they tell people they don't eat meat the other person suddenly gets defensive. The belief goes that omnivores "know deep down" that what they are doing is wrong so they get defensive and mean when someone even mentions they are a veg. However this isn't the reason, at least not often. If someone truly has qualms about eating meat they will either become a veg or continue to eat meat. People eat eat meat and feel bad about it likely won't get defensive, more so they will agree some what and offer up a weak excuse. The reason why omnivores get defensive, and truthfully it is often unwarranted, is their preconceptions of non-meat eaters. 

Think of it this way. You have 2 bothers. One lives far away and the other lives at home. You know your at home brother but not the one who lives far away. Every day your at home brother raises his hand for a second, then smacks you on the mouth (though not hard). This happens over and over again. Then one day you meat your other brother. When he sees you, he raises his hand to get a high five. You mistake this for the actions your other brother does to you and you get away and get agitated. This is a learned response, a conditioning if you will. The same happens with vegs. People get use to vegs saying they are immoral for eating meat so they want to cut the person off as soon as possible and inform them they don't think it is immoral to eat meat.

For any vegs reading this, have you ever had a preconception of someone who eats meat that they care less about animals then you? Many likely have. I know that if I so much as mention I am a Christian to some people, I get responses back that all Christians are stupid. I have been on a Atheist forum before and told a Christan off for being an intolerant asshole and got called an Atheist. It also gets into race relations, where you think of a stereotype that a certain race does as typical for them.

I usually have a bit of a different response. I don't really have that "blah blah blah, fuck you I'll eat meat if I feel like it," attitude. I tend to ask if the person believes that everyone should be like them, that is the least amount possible that a human should morally do is what I do. If not, I honestly say that we have nothing to talk about because we agree (that everyone has their own choice as long as it isn't forced on other people). But when that person comes along who has the holier-then-thou mentality who thinks they have all the answers and everyone who eats meat is a heartless monster or an idiotic drone, I get a little smirk on my face. I am about the bring the hammer down, and smash all of their misguided notions about their diet and mine.

Though this tends to fall short when their best argument is I'm fat so omnivorism is unhealthy.

People need to understand that their beliefs are their own. A veg thinking eating meat is immoral because they don't like it, is the same as a Christain thinking homosexuality is immoral because they don't like it, and that is just like thinking that incest is immoral because you don't like it.

Now this may strike you as funny, and you likely think I'm an idiot or dumb. But think about it, really think about it. Incest (and no I'm not supporting it, this is a morality exercise) is thought of as morally wrong. Why? Mostly because society says so. Some bring up the Bible, but their is incest in the Bible too. Some say because of genetic mutations, but in cousins this isn't a problem or if you use birth control and a condom. So their exists no other real reason if protection is use and if it is consensual for both parties.

This is just how thinking eating animals is immoral works (and thinking homosexuality is immoral). There is less an actually moral reason to not do it and more a personal "I don't like this" reason. If you don't want to eat meat then don't, I won't try to stop you or ask you where you get your protein, but I only ask that when I eat meat don't think I am immoral. Also don't think I always eat meals made up of 9/10 meat. I vary from half to hardly any, sometimes not at all. Gotta love PBJ.

Instead of thinking that everyone has to be like me, believe that people have the right to choose. After all, if you think it is OK to force what you believe on people, imagine if it wasn't you but the other side forcing their beliefs on you. That would just be immoral of them huh?

Yes, "Is incest morally permissible" is an actual philosophy exercise, one most people say isn't and one which most people have no reason beyond personal disgust.

Monday, October 3, 2011

A Hater's Contradictions

·     These are comments from a hater on our "Why You Should Never Piss Off An Emo" video. I had planned on making a video but it would be really long and he is just using a through away account. All the mistakes are his I did make some of my own which are left in or indicated by brackets. A long read, but funny to see how he continues to contradict himself and then tries to act as if he meant to. Do you think he has that much aforethought? I don't. My comments are bolded for ease.
·         btw congrats on the 511 dislikes

·         @helllloiloveyou: Thanks, having idiots not like my video who were never subscribed to us really harms us doesn't it?

·         haha what the fuck hes still a giant pussy he just thinks he looks cool by throwing a gay little knife at a door. you can see his faggot ass smug expression whiles hes tossing the knife in the air in a desperate attempt to look like a badass

·         @helllloiloveyou: Welcome to the internet. Please refer yourself to TROLLING for more information as to why you fail.

·         @BLHProductions that didnt make any sense and this kid is fag. trolling isnt a word its just used by retards that get hated on because theyre queers

·         @helllloiloveyou: Actually it is a word. It is a type of fishing. That is why it is used on the internet. You bait people, as with this video because people who hate emos will flock to it, and you get enjoyment out of their ranting, which you clearly give us, and as a bonus we get paid. It's a win win. So why is a bad thing you hate this video again?

·         @BLHProductions wait youre stupid you called me a troll yet you just explained how you're a troll according to your definition. and trolling isnt a type of fishing a trolling motor is a accesory used for fishing, its a smaller quite motor that wont scare fish in water thats less than 7 feet deep or so. not a method of baiting you dumb fuck, haha dont ever try to talk to a person born and raised in brnesvile georgia about fishing yuo just look even stupider than you already do
·         @BLHProductions and you arent getting paid for this bullshit you dumb fuck who do you think youre fooling? and just another note to my grammar errors below "barnesville" and "you" were spelled incorrectly, i spilled coke on my keyboard awhile back the keys are sticky 
      I wander if that is really why his keys are sticky....XD

·         @helllloiloveyou: Actually we are. If you go look at the video, you'll notice that we have an image where our name would usually be. That is a sign that we are partnered. If you look at out videos, you should also notice ads being played before the video itself or popping up during and beside the video.
·         So you have once again attempted to act as if you knew what you were talking about and failed at it. Don't feel too bad, a lot of people are like you. So your stupidity shouldn't get lonely.
·         @helllloiloveyou: Actually I never called you a troll. I told you to look up the term because you had been trolled.
·         A trolling motor is used to do trolling. I didn't [s]ay we were trolling motors, I said we were trolling, which is a way of fishing.
·         TROLLING: to fish for or in with a moving line, working the line up or down with a rod, as in fishing for pike, or trailing the line behind a slow-moving boat.
·         Please understand what you are talking about next time. You can troll in the ocean BTW.

·         @BLHProductions wow wikipedia taught you a lot huh? i dont have to attempt to make you look stupid because everyone else thinks youre stupid anyway, its funny how you act like youre some kind of superior badass when youre wasting your time failing at trying to make me look stupid. i havent been trolled. you cant sit there and say that your only reason for putting this little pussy faggot on youtube was to be hated on, you put it on because you are a fag and you thought he looked cool

·         @helllloiloveyou: Actually that is from dictionary[dot]com, not wikipedia.
·         You don't know what you are talking about, but you are so proud you can't admit that. I'm sorry, but I tend not to say things unless I know what I am talking about. You do realize that you can go trolling in the ocean right? You don't have to do it in shallow water, you just need moving lines or a slow moving boat.
·         Actually the more comments we get helps this video out and earns us more revenue, so I'm making a profit.
·         @BLHProductions haha yeah keep going back to the profit thing, i dont give a fuck what you say no one on this fucking erath would pay you to put up stupid videos of little pussy faggots throwing metal at a barn door. and yes fucking idiot i do realize you can troll in the ocean but with depths exceeding 5000 meters who the fuck wnts to be all slow and sneaky with their trollling motor and the fact that you had to look up the definition of trolling shows me you know nothing
·         @helllloiloveyou: You don't care what I say, and yet you keep coming back when I comment. LOL. Saying we make money is a great way to get idiots like you to comment more, "no you don't, you don't make money," while I just sit back with a smile on my face.
·         You are, in part, correct. We don't get paid for our videos, we get paid for the traffic and ads for our videos. When you watched the video you helped us and your comments are providing traffic to this video and making it more popular.
·         @BLHProductions no dumbass i was refering to your constant lying about your imaginary "profits". and i dont help in any way with your "profit gain" because im not out there promoting your gay video. i just keep coming back to make you look stupid every time i comment and you come back with your smartass comments in hope that i will feel stupid for being right when i know you don't sit back with a smile you probably get pissed and think really hard to try to one up me then you just look stupider
·         @BLHProductions haha you think you look smug? that just shows how hard you're trying to look smug. and you're failing at it. you cant look smug while trying to brag about the 5 cents/week you make off of this bullshit video and waste hours of your day trying to make me look dumb. thats not smug at all thats desperation. what exactly am i wrong about? i see that you changed your understanding of troling like 5 times so you aren't a very credible source to ask about whether someones wrong or not

   @helllloiloveyou: Not really. Being smug is pretty natural when the person you are talking to doesn't know what they are talking about and insults you for providing them with a definition that they got wrong in the first places.
·         Ah, so here it finally comes out. The gradual process of you realizing that we do in fact make money and that I am right. Notice how you went from "you're lying" to "5 cents." Now does this video make only 5 cents a week? That depends, it could have made $43.43...
·         ...but that would be if it was monetized as soon as it was made. However even if this video make 5 cents a week, you would have to times that by all our videos (assuming 5 was the average). We have 499 right now, so that comes out to $24.95 a week. Times that by 4 for each week in a month and you get $99.80 a month. Then you add in the money from comments and the like which varies but is usually in the $30 - $50 range. and you have about 130 a month. We make more.
·         @helllloiloveyou: You are wrong that trolling was made up, that it refers only to a motor, that you can only do it in shallow water, and that you haven't been. Besides that you were wrong about us earning money. Now trolling does have multiple meanings, but the uses I have used was the action of trolling a line with bait behind a boat to catch fish, which refers to trolling on the internet. I trolled you using this video since we knew it would get hate. That's why I call him emo when he isn't.

·         @BLHProductions HAHAAHA OH MY GOD YOURE FUCKING RETARDED I NEVER SAID TROLLING WAS MADE UP. AND DONT PRETEND LIKE YOU KNOW WHAT YOURE TALKING ABOUT AT FIRST YOU SAID TROLLING WAS A SYSTEM OF BAITING YOU HAD NO IDEA WHAT A TROLLING MOTOR WAS UNTIL I TOLD YOU haha holy fuck i hope you feel smart you jackass btw apologies for the caps i sometimes look down at the keyboard and often accidentally hit the caps button and dont notice till i look up


·         @BLHProductions no dumb fuck i didnt mean that trolling wasnt a word. i was saying that the way you stupid internet fucks use it isnt a word. and i did know what the word meant all along stupid fuck you attempted to make it look like you knew what you were talking about then saying you went to dictionarydotcom making you look stupider than horse shit as you change your understanding of it muliple times haha fucking idiot. and i dont classify making pennies a week if even that as making money.

·         @helllloiloveyou: You may have meant something else, I simply told you what you said which was, "trolling isn't a word..."
·         May I point out that "fuck" is also a slang word. It is now popular though. OK is also a slang word. Just because a word is being used in a different way or newly made, doesn't meant it can never be a real word. Languages do evolve and slang terms do become respectable or commonly used.

·         @helllloiloveyou: If you knew what the world meant all along you should act like it and say what you mean. Acting as if I am an idiot and putting words into my mouth makes you like desperate to cover up your own mistakes, which even now it seems like you are doing.
·         I was consistent, your interpretation was the problem. I said that you bait people when you troll not that it is a form of baiting. That is all you and your stupidity.
·         I looked up the definition because I knew I was right, and was.

·         @helllloiloveyou: By definition, making money is any kind of money. However you see the little picture, I see the paychecks every month.

·         @BLHProductions i see this discussion is coming to an end, as your comments are growing shorter. it was fun, it gave me something to do when i was bored but now im bored of this bye fag

·         @helllloiloveyou: Fag is also a slang term. So you are a hypocrite. You don't like the word trolling because, I assume, it annoys you or you find it dumb, yet you will use older slang words.
·         Thanks for the money you earned us and helping this video out with your comments. I actually made 3 comments to you, you just looked at the last one.
·         Enjoy your life and I hope you enjoy the video I plan to make about this conversation. Word for word, so you won't be misquoted.

·         @BLHProductions no i didnt care to read the other comments because im not as into this as you are. you are very welcome for the 2 cents i made for you. i hope that helps a lot. also i'm really looking forward to the video you produce about this conversation. don't misquote yourself either make sure the world sees how fucking stupid you are too. bye lovebug :)))) 

·         @helllloiloveyou: You again contradict yourself. You said that my response got shorter, it didn't. See, this is your biggest problem. You get caught making an error, then you lie to try and make it look as if it was your plan all along when you don't lack the aforethought to do that.
·         Per your channel comments: I always tell the fans not to be overly mean, it will only be me, and please inform the sickly looking vegs to not talk about health too.
·         I plan on taking screen shots.

·         @BLHProductions how did i contradict myself dumb fuck? haha do you even know what that means? read the comment i said before that one, it was very short compared to before. and yes i agree some of the vegan/vegetarians look like unhealthy stray dogs but you can't talk because your'e fatter than fuck and thats just as gross as bring too skinny. yeah you can just use the hypercam, i think thats what its called it just records while you do all your stuff on the computer its better than screen shots

·         @helllloiloveyou: You said that my response was short. When I corrected you you said you didn't care to read them. This is a controdiction because either my response was too long for you to care to read (viewing all 3) or it was short (viewing the last one). You cannot both say it was short and long thus it is a contradiction. Mostly, from where I see it, due to you being wrong and you covering your ass. 
     Knowledge =/= weight. You're skinny, I assume, and an idiot.
·         I will be taking screenshots with a snipping tool. It will not be of the entire screen.


·         just to let you know i'm deleting my youtube channel so i can make a new one with videos and what not but i'll give you like a week or two for you and you're faggot ass emo wannabe friends to make that video of you attempting to make me look stupid so your "fans" can trash my page with comments or whatever. i'll give you my new screen name when i think of one so you can direct your fans to that one also. really looking forward to the video! thanks

·         haha wait a minute i took a stroll through your comments and almost everyone hates you so heres my new account name: FuckBLHproductions123... no im kidding the actual name is: 2inthepink1intheink. thats a little play on words from the "shocker" its 1 in the ink because im going to put up videos of my apprenticeship at my tattoo shop and maybe tips and stuff. by the way don't talk about vegans and vegetarians when you are an overweight person it makes you look really stupid and people tend to notice how fat you are more.

·         Did you just hit me with a wall of text bro?

·         gay fags.
Do you remember me?
I've previously called you fags and thought I'd do it again.
Gay Fags

·         haha notice grimreeper102's comment? everyone hates you so i decided to give you my old accounts password because i know you have no fans and i dont dont care if it gets trashed because if thats what gets you a hard on then so be it: helllloiloveyou (4 L's) password:bananafuck. i hope that since you are a faggot and have nothing better to do with your day this will provide some enjoyment and take your mind off of how much of how fat you are, how much you are disliked, how smart you think you are and maybe even your virginity. the fact that you would go as far as to make a video trying to prove that youre smarter than someoe on youtube whom you've never met in your life shows me you need attention because this is how shitty your life is. goodbye p.s im canceling my e-mail account as well

·         BLHProductions
@Grimreaper102: Not really. You're name looks familiar but to tell you the truth I don't keep track of every idiot that uses over used insults like fag or fat. Also, gay fag is redundant. In fact, if you are a gay gay person, doesn't that make you straight?

@helllloiloveyou: Did you just hit me with another wall of text bro? Yeah, I saw grimreaper102's comment, it's about as original as yours. I do like your logic though, "you have haters so you have no fans." Fred and Justine Bieber have more haters then we do, but that doesn't negate the fans they have does it? All the haters we get are worth just one fan, and we have over 2,000 of them. But keep saying we don't. Your opinions really change reality. And if you are going to just go away on your own, my work here is done. I love it when haters get rid of themselves.

LOL, happy trolling [motor].

So there you go. See for yourself if this guy is as much of an idiot as I think he is. He keeps changing what he says to sound like he knows what he is talking about and so he won't look dumb which to me makes it worse. He also likes to take things out of context. He acts like a bad ass while he says he is going to delete his account. He's just an idiot who likes to think he can never be wrong. He also needs a lesson in English.
This flame war has been brought to you by egotistical stupidity from helllloiloveyou.